Saturday, September 19, 2009

There it goes...

yo,wat's up to the whole back yeah yeah...i know some of u guys had been asking me to update my blog or what ever....=.=! Hey, come on guys...this is a BLOG, i write whenever i feelssssssssss like writing...this is a secret place for the ''tiny little me in ME". ~~Hiding from the real world~ ~

Somehow, im not like those people who claim themself as "BLOGGER" who actually update their blog daily....=.=!! that is just SO NOT ME ....What's the whole point of it?? Just wanna have more viewers and comment in their blog??? 1 word for them....LAME shit! They might as well write a DIARY... Yeah i know not all of them like that.

So for me, i will rather post something which i really feels worth posting and valueble and i would like to enphasize that it is confirm NOT A RANDOM POST!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Recently,miro told me that he is going to stop dancing.....gosh,how sad for me to hear that...he is the leader of CK....Once he stop,everyone will be following him......everyone already felt borring with it.....HOW COULD THIS BE???????????Damm sad man.....i just danced back for 1 year......and now all of u guys going to stop! Mannn actually i also understand their situation,they have their work to do,they have their own career to catch up myself also have to catch up my studies.....What to do....This is life~ ~Yesterday, ize have told me the same thing about this,he already give up on us.....he totally have no idea what we want....
Is kinda sad to see ck this crew end up like this althought im a new member inside....they had fight for so long,making this crew to be famous in malaysia...facing different kinds of problem,ups and down....WHO DONT KNOW CK IN MALAYSIA?? i swear every bboy know it!! So now just left me and yk that is still on the run...thats our PASSION man...haha~ ~hmmm... i will rest for awhile and try something which is totally new for myself........haha and that is none other than lyrical hip hop as known as LA hiphop!!! Yeah,of course bboy is still in ME...i will not give up man.Few days back chat with ma bro bin from singapore...chatting with him really inspired me a lot,no matter in dance field or life...mad respect to him man.He told me that "when u dance,is not about not how dope u gonna be,but is about how long will u be dancing''. Props to that shit man!!!
Last but not least....

will this be just a memory in everyone's heart forever??only god knows.....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~New balance~

Yo~this is my new kicks that im gonna wear for dancing!! Hehe...i will get 1 of them me!! They are super light! I think it is as light as avia(maybe) and nike cortez.I think quite a number of people feel that these kicks are just normal sport shoes that small kids would rather wear for jogging or sports.....haha..because i have made some survey on these shoes~ ~Actually,it is not a surprise for me to get these kind of feedbacks......because i will also feels the same way if im not a bboy or a dancer.

Here comes the ''China Mask 576'' !!! is super dope kicks!!!!!!!!!!! Damm...props to the designer!! This shoe is definately over my budjet....i wont go for it...haha~ ~just post it for fun.

this is ''ST33'' model...we can see clearly it is a ''gold'' element type.....super nice and dope kicks.

This would be the element of ''water'' is so dope!!! Just give me some time to save definately gonna get 1 soon!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

~Borring life~

I hate my Uni,i hate my course,i hate my subject, i hate it all!!!!!!!!!! I am so fuck up with my life
in doing the same thing everyday since 2 year ago.Go for class....assignment.....EXAM EXAM AND EXAM!! Besides that,i have all BATANG in my class....@.@ !! this really makes me dont have the mood to go for my classes.....@.@
Secondly,my friends arround me are all BOOK WORMS....oh gosh,except for academic stuff,i cant even find any interesting topics to chat with them...really have a GAP there....sad case ~ ~is like a hell for me man !! Compare with others,my Uni life really sucks...people all having so much fun outside..hanging out with bunch of here and there....I WANT THAT!!! i want to go travel!!
Haiz...i so so so so so so wish to graduate as fast as possible.....i do not want to stay at mlk anymore...i wanna leave mlk,i dun want to be a mama boy anymore!! i wanna be independent!!i wanna work!! i wanna earn my own money!! purchase what i want with my own money.....and of course,i wanna give at least one third of my salary to my parents...yeah hahaha...i had been using their money since i was born until now......

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TRAINING skill ! ! !

Arrrrrrh~ ~ ~ today went to studio to train with cypherz kingz....start to
train back my
quite happy because ma SWIPES are better compare to last time!!
yahoo~ ~oh gosh,skill is so
hard!!!!!! Whole body pain lo.....Since there is no more competition for
the following months....i
will train slowly,haha...most importantly is to ENJOY!! oh yeah~ ~
Gambateh to myself ba!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

~Station 3 ~

last thursday,it was the semifinal of the freestyle competition held in station 3.....hoho,dyanamics did it great!! smoke kao kao ~ ~ im there to support them......hehe friends go for comp,sure i need to support!!!!! is FAMILY MAN!!

LOOK at marilyn and justin face!!funny sial!! like brother like sister~

me and bboy sot

me,hashbrown and stanley THE LOCKER

monkey face@ @

this ''girl'' is so dope!!!!!!!! we call her as HE........understand my meaning?? haha.....he dare to dance,dare to shake,dare to act!!! We are crazy because of her althought he dance like shit@@

hoho,am i qualify to act in INITIAL D malaysia version?Omg,this pic is so dope~ thanks to hashbrown......

Thursday, June 18, 2009

~new hair cut~

Hohoho.....finally i have my hair cut....hmm,thinking to cut something WILD,and hip....i feel like cutting bald infront of my hair.....something like number 1 length infront of my hair,same goes to my both side of my hair,which is no 1 length...then at the middle part is short which i can set it spiky...and for the back remains its length....However,i dont have to courage to do so....haha next time ba!!!!

So,i decided to cut xiao chu's hair least im sure that i will look good with that.....unlike the ''WILD'' style that i have mention above,i have no IDEA how would i loook like with that hairstyle...hahaha

yeah,this is my latest hair...hmm,dont really look like xiao chu's hair

ah beng face...haha

from the side...hahaha

i love ma hair although it is nothing special and is kinda same compare to my previous previous hair style...hehe