Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~New balance~

Yo~this is my new kicks that im gonna wear for dancing!! Hehe...i will get 1 of them soon...trust me!! They are super light! I think it is as light as avia(maybe) and nike cortez.I think quite a number of people feel that these kicks are just normal sport shoes that small kids would rather wear for jogging or sports.....haha..because i have made some survey on these shoes~ ~Actually,it is not a surprise for me to get these kind of feedbacks......because i will also feels the same way if im not a bboy or a dancer.

Here comes the ''China Mask 576'' !!! is super dope kicks!!!!!!!!!!! Damm...props to the designer!! This shoe is definately over my budjet....i wont go for it...haha~ ~just post it for fun.

this is ''ST33'' model...we can see clearly it is a ''gold'' element type.....super nice and dope kicks.

This would be the element of ''water''.....it is so dope!!! Just give me some time to save up...im definately gonna get 1 soon!!!!

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