Saturday, September 19, 2009

There it goes...

yo,wat's up to the whole back yeah yeah...i know some of u guys had been asking me to update my blog or what ever....=.=! Hey, come on guys...this is a BLOG, i write whenever i feelssssssssss like writing...this is a secret place for the ''tiny little me in ME". ~~Hiding from the real world~ ~

Somehow, im not like those people who claim themself as "BLOGGER" who actually update their blog daily....=.=!! that is just SO NOT ME ....What's the whole point of it?? Just wanna have more viewers and comment in their blog??? 1 word for them....LAME shit! They might as well write a DIARY... Yeah i know not all of them like that.

So for me, i will rather post something which i really feels worth posting and valueble and i would like to enphasize that it is confirm NOT A RANDOM POST!

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