Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Recently,miro told me that he is going to stop dancing.....gosh,how sad for me to hear that...he is the leader of CK....Once he stop,everyone will be following him......everyone already felt borring with it.....HOW COULD THIS BE???????????Damm sad man.....i just danced back for 1 year......and now all of u guys going to stop! Mannn actually i also understand their situation,they have their work to do,they have their own career to catch up oso....me myself also have to catch up my studies.....What to do....This is life~ ~Yesterday, ize have told me the same thing about this,he already give up on us.....he totally have no idea what we want....
Is kinda sad to see ck this crew end up like this althought im a new member inside....they had fight for so long,making this crew to be famous in malaysia...facing different kinds of problem,ups and down....WHO DONT KNOW CK IN MALAYSIA?? i swear every bboy know it!! So now just left me and yk that is still on the run...thats our PASSION man...haha~ ~hmmm... i will rest for awhile and try something which is totally new for myself........haha and that is none other than lyrical hip hop as known as LA hiphop!!! Yeah,of course bboy is still in ME...i will not give up man.Few days back chat with ma bro bin from singapore...chatting with him really inspired me a lot,no matter in dance field or life...mad respect to him man.He told me that "when u dance,is not about not how dope u gonna be,but is about how long will u be dancing''. Props to that shit man!!!
Last but not least....

will this be just a memory in everyone's heart forever??only god knows.....

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  1. yeah~~i m back to bboy d~~
    dun sad lah mo~~
    we will fight sky down again~