Thursday, June 18, 2009

~new hair cut~

Hohoho.....finally i have my hair cut....hmm,thinking to cut something WILD,and hip....i feel like cutting bald infront of my hair.....something like number 1 length infront of my hair,same goes to my both side of my hair,which is no 1 length...then at the middle part is short which i can set it spiky...and for the back remains its length....However,i dont have to courage to do so....haha next time ba!!!!

So,i decided to cut xiao chu's hair least im sure that i will look good with that.....unlike the ''WILD'' style that i have mention above,i have no IDEA how would i loook like with that hairstyle...hahaha

yeah,this is my latest hair...hmm,dont really look like xiao chu's hair

ah beng face...haha

from the side...hahaha

i love ma hair although it is nothing special and is kinda same compare to my previous previous hair style...hehe

1 comment:

  1. not bad not bad...haha cut before station 3? i din really notice >< haha