Saturday, June 20, 2009

~Station 3 ~

last thursday,it was the semifinal of the freestyle competition held in station 3.....hoho,dyanamics did it great!! smoke kao kao ~ ~ im there to support them......hehe friends go for comp,sure i need to support!!!!! is FAMILY MAN!!

LOOK at marilyn and justin face!!funny sial!! like brother like sister~

me and bboy sot

me,hashbrown and stanley THE LOCKER

monkey face@ @

this ''girl'' is so dope!!!!!!!! we call her as HE........understand my meaning?? haha.....he dare to dance,dare to shake,dare to act!!! We are crazy because of her althought he dance like shit@@

hoho,am i qualify to act in INITIAL D malaysia version?Omg,this pic is so dope~ thanks to hashbrown......

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