Saturday, July 4, 2009

~Borring life~

I hate my Uni,i hate my course,i hate my subject, i hate it all!!!!!!!!!! I am so fuck up with my life
in doing the same thing everyday since 2 year ago.Go for class....assignment.....EXAM EXAM AND EXAM!! Besides that,i have all BATANG in my class....@.@ !! this really makes me dont have the mood to go for my classes.....@.@
Secondly,my friends arround me are all BOOK WORMS....oh gosh,except for academic stuff,i cant even find any interesting topics to chat with them...really have a GAP there....sad case ~ ~is like a hell for me man !! Compare with others,my Uni life really sucks...people all having so much fun outside..hanging out with bunch of here and there....I WANT THAT!!! i want to go travel!!
Haiz...i so so so so so so wish to graduate as fast as possible.....i do not want to stay at mlk anymore...i wanna leave mlk,i dun want to be a mama boy anymore!! i wanna be independent!!i wanna work!! i wanna earn my own money!! purchase what i want with my own money.....and of course,i wanna give at least one third of my salary to my parents...yeah hahaha...i had been using their money since i was born until now......

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